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These resources on protest and music in Russia supplement the discussion in Mischa Gabowitsch’s Protest in Putin’s Russia (p. 173-4 and p. 284, notes 29-32):

  • The White Album, compiled by Vasily Shumov, can be downloaded here. An alternative source, with statements by participating bands, is here. The title referred to eponymous LPs by the Beatles (1968) and the cult Russian rock bank Akvarium (1987) and, more immediately, to white as the colour of the 2011-13 protests.
  • In 2012, the Saint Petersburg-based Solidarnost activist Vladimir Volokhonskii, who had maintained a website called oppositionmusic.ru since 2010, characteristically renamed it ‘Protest songs’ (inactive since 2013).
  • Artem Marchenkov, a long-time activist with the International Youth Human Rights Movement who is now based in Rome, has since 2008 maintained a blog that collects international ‘music for social and civic action’ and also features material on art activism, more broadly defined.
  • In 1997–2010, a nationalist segment of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation organized annual Resistance Song Festivals (initially known as contests) until the Oktyabrsky House of Culture that housed them burned down in October 2011. Some of them are documented here.