The title of events is indicated in the language in which they were held. If this was not English, an English translation is provided in brackets. The links are either to programs/announcements or, if available, to videos or collections of papers/presentations/slideshows.


2015.07.5-7 Social Movements Today in Russia and the World: the issues of Human agency and Politization, Andrew Gagarin Center for Civil Society and Human Rights

2014.09.18-20 Social Developments and New Forms of Mass Opinion Research in Contemporary Russia, Higher School of Economics

2014.09.18-19 Social Media and Social Movements, Higher School of Economics

2014.07.30 VIDEO. Лекция Дениса Волкова “Интернет и социальные сети в России: создание альтернативной повестки и политическая мобилизация”. (Lecture by Denis Volkov: Internet and Social Networks: Creating an alternative agenda and political mobilization)

2014.06.13-14 Comparative Workshop on Mass Protest, The London School of Economics and Political Science, UK

2014.04.21 “Как объяснять политическую мобилизацию“, Пермский государственный университет (How to Explain Political Mobilization, Perm State University)

2014.04.01 VIDEO. “Антиимиграционные протесты в России: что стоит за бунтами против мигрантов“, Совет по внешней и оборонной политике (Anti-Immigration protests: what is behind the anti-migrant rebellions, Council on Foreign and Defense Policy)

2014.03.28-29 Theory, Action, and Impact of Social Protest, University of Kent, UK – with a panel on Russia and papers looking at Russia among other cases

2014.03.21-22 XXI симпозиум «Пути России». Секция «Онлайн-активизм и социальные движения в оффлайне: способы изучения гражданских инициатив 2011-2014 годов», Московская школа социальных и экономических наук (Online activism and offline social movements: methods for the study of 2011-4 civic initiatives, Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences)

2013.10.7-9 VIDEO. Civil Society in Russia and the Contemporary World: Social Movements, Institutions, and Moods, European University at Saint Petersburg. Video and overview

2013.06.13 Explaining Contentious Politics in Russia: Innovations in Theory and Data Collection, НИУ ВШЭ (, Higher School of Economics)

2013.04.18 VIDEO. Лекция Дениса Волкова “Сценарии развития российского общества”, Левада-центр (Lecture by Denis Volkov: Prospects of Russian society’s development)

2013.04.03. VIDEO. Лекция Леона Арона “Идеи, идеалы и революции: контентный анализ в политической истории”, Московская школа социальных и экономических наук (Ideas, Ideals, and Revolutions: Content Analysis in Political History, Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences)

2013.03.22-23 XX симпозиум “Пути России”. Секция “Гражданское и общественное участие в современной России: мобилизация, протест, солидарность” (Civic and Public Participation in Contemporary Russia: Mobilization, Protest, Solidarity, Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences)

2012.12.21 “Протестное движение в России (2011-2012)”, публичное обсуждение исследования Левада-центра (The Protest Movement in Russia (2011-12), Levada Center)

2012.06.08 “Волна политической мобилизации в России 2011-2012 гг. – анализ и прогноз”, Европейский университет (The Wave of political mobilization in Russia 2011-2012 – analysis and prognosis, European University at St.Petersburg). Video 1, 2, 3, 4

2012.05.30 VIDEO. Лекция Василия Жаркова «Городские протесты в России: некоторые исторические кейсы» (часть 1 и часть 2), Московская школа социальных и экономических наук (Lecture by Vassily Zharkov: Urban protest in Russia: some historical cases, Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences)

2012.01.25 Серия лекций “Культура протеста: язык, формы, символы” (стенограммы 1, 2, 3, 4 лекций), Мемориал (Protest Cultures: Language, Forms, Symbols, Memorial Human Rights Center)