*** Russian Protest Research is currently being updated (and restored following a hack), check back soon for additional sections and material. See below for forthcoming additions. ***


This site collects and systematizes information relevant to the academic study of protest in Russia, past and present. It is maintained by Mischa Gabowitsch, a sociologist and historian based at the Einstein Forum in Potsdam, Germany. Among other things, it includes a list of data sources, data sets, and databases, and a presentation of PEPS, a database of Protest Events, Photos, and Slogans created by Mischa Gabowitsch and Olga Sveshnikova. The site also provides some material to supplement Protest in Putin’s Russia, published by Polity Press in November 2016.

On the left you will find RSS feeds from Russian websites devoted to studying or monitoring protest. The chronological bibliographies, which so far mostly include studies published in Russian, were compiled by Olesya Lobanova (Perm State University), one of the authors of the Russian-language blog “The Challengers: Contentious Politics in Russia.“ So was the list of conferences and workshops. In addition, there is a beta version of a bibliography compiled in Zotero by Jan Matti Dollbaum which will eventually be sortable by topic, year, etc. and ready for import in RIS, BibTex and other formats.

The site is under construction. Suggestions, additions, and offers to create or maintain individual sections, are highly welcome.

Plans for the near future include:

  • an updated list of conferences
  • a more comprehensive discussion of PEPS, and online access to the database

My personal website, gabowitsch.net, while badly in need of an update, also has some resources that may be of interest to readers of Russian Protest Research: a sortable table of international films about nonviolence, in English and Russian; a list of chronologies of 20th and 21st century Soviet and Russian history (in English); and my own chronicle of Russian nationalism and counteractions from 1987 to 2007 (in French only).